SAN GENNARO: A TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC NEAPOLITAN FEAST If you go to Naples on September 19th you will find the city celebrating its patron saint, San Gennaro, a bishop and a martyr from Pozzuoli, canonized by the Catholic Church. The feast of San Gennaro involves prayer, processions and celebrations, and is usually based around a fixed program held in […]

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Re-Discovering the Italian Kingdom of Two Sicilies

For the members of the Independent Neapolitan Nation movement, the unification of Italy was a mistake by Michael Bucher At the Independent Neapolitan Nation’s headquarters in Naples, Italy, there is a statue of the siren Parthenope. The ancient Greek myth claims a king requested suitors fight for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The two finalists were […]

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articolo san gennaro

San Gennaro in NYC: What to know about Little Italy’s feast on its 90th anniversary

There’s more to Little Italy’s San Gennaro festival than cannolis — like sausage and peppers, meatballs and zeppoles, too. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the 11-day feast that brings more than one million tourists and locals downtown, donning red, green and white. The festival is historic for Italian immigrants and the Society of San Gennaro, […]

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Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara

Located in Naples old town, in Via S. Chiara, near Piazza del Gesù and a stone’s throw from S. Domenico Maggiore, the complex lies within the Franciscan citadel. The Santa Chiara museum complex includes the famous maiolica-tiled cloister, with its frescoes, the museum, the archaeological area, and the eighteenth-century artistic crib. The Museo dell’Opera, which […]

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certosa di san martino

Certosa e Museo di San Martino

An outstanding monumental complex with magnificent works of Neapolitan art. The Certosa, or Charterhouse, founded in the fourteenth century at the behest of Charles II of Anjou (Tino di Camaino, among others, worked on the project), was reconstructed between the late 1500s and the following century. Cosimo Fanzago was responsible for the decorative compositions that […]

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pizza foto

How much cost a Pizza Margherita in Naples?

Pizza is probably the most well-known Italian dish in the entire world and its origins are very old. The one of the most popular stories say that was born in 1889 in honor of Margherita of Savoia, then queen of Italy, exactly in the pizzeria it Brandi, still today existing. The cook Raffaele Esposito prepared her […]

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beaches of amalfi 7

Beaches on the Amalfi Coast (VII)

Beaches of Vietri sul Mare Sweeping, accessible beaches and hidden bays reachable only by boat Vietri sul Mare boasts some of the largest beaches on the Amalfi Coast which, together with the town’s strategic location on the historic Naples-Salerno railway line and its proximity to the A3 motorway, make it one of the area’s most […]

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beaches of amalfi 6

Beaches on the Amalfi Coast (VI)

6. Beaches of Cetara Cetara has a number of peaceful beaches and excellent cuisine Subject of many a picture postcard, Cetrara is a pretty little fishing village comprised of a cluster of little cottages, a tower, and a church with an impressive majolica tiled dome. Although most visitors come to Cetrara to taste what is […]

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beaches of amalfi 5

Beaches on the Amalfi Coast (V)

5. Beaches of Maiori and Minori The most family friendly beaches on the Amalfi Coast Maiori has the longest beach of all those on the Amalfi Coast: almost a kilometer of sand with a dozen or so bathing establishments and a level waterfront completely different from that of all the other beaches on the Amalfi […]

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beaches of amalfi 4

Beaches on the Amalfi Coast (IV)

4. Beaches of Amalfi Whether you’re looking for a remote beach, far from the crowds, or an easy-to-reach and super accessorized bathing resort, Amalfi, and the surrounding area, is the perfect place to find it. Amalfi’s Spiaggia Grande is, without shadow of doubt, the most lively on the whole of the Amalfi Coast. Atrani beach […]

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