Duomo di Napoli


The Cathedral that we see today was commissioned by the Ajou family in 1200 on the foundations of the old temple dedicated to the Roman god Apollo. During the centuries it was subject to several renovations, and what we see today is a mix of different architectural styles: Gothic from the fourteenth century, seventeenth-century Baroque, and the nineteenth-century Neo-Gothic, as evidenced by the white marble facade. The Cathedral stores unbelievable treasures that are renowned all over the world as a gold Byzantine mosaic and priceless paintings from Luca Giordano. Without a doubt, the main attraction for tourists and residents is the crypt of Saint Gennaro, the city patron saint. The crypt stores the skull of the saint and the idolized vial that preserves the blood of the Saint himself, blood that is at the center of the miracle of Saint Gennaro. The ceremony consists of a procession up to the Duomo, where a pastor turns the two ampoules containing the blood and verifies the dissolution. If the blood of Saint Gennaro does not melt, according to legend it could mean that something really bad it’s about to happen, like, for example, an eruption of the Vesuvius. La cappella dedicata al santo patrono della città è quella in cui tre volte l’anno si realizza il rito per il miracolo di San Gennaro. Il rito consiste in una processione fino al Duomo, luogo in cui un parroco gira le due ampolle contenenti il sangue e ne verifica lo scioglimento. Se il sangue di San Gennaro non dovesse sciogliersi, secondo la leggenda potrebbe accadere qualcosa di veramente brutto come l’eruzione del Vesuvio. Walking the same street you would find an unmissable graffiti portraying Saint Gennaro, by the Neapolitan artist Jorit. The Duomo can be visited at any time as it is in a strategic spot that allows you to visit the rest of the old town very easily.


Every day

From 8:00 to 12:30 and from 16:30 to 19:00



Special rate

€ 2,00




For all


The guided tour of the Cathedral, to be combined with that of the Treasure of San Gennaro, is evocative.

How to get there


Via Duomo, 147, 80138 Napoli NA

Public transport

From Piazza Garibaldi take metro Line 1 and get off at Museo, then 14 minutes walk.

From Piazza Garibaldi take metro Line 2 and get off at Piazza Cavour, then 12 minutes walk.

From Naples Airport take Alibus and get off at Immacolatella stop, then take Line 1 and get off at Museo stop, then 14 minutes walk.

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