Napoli sotterranea Laes


The term “Napoli Sotterranea” indicates the very dense and complex network of tunnels and cavities, which are located in the subsoil of Naples and form a real city that follows the surface city.
The underground city extends under the entire historic center, to it are linked myths and legends still alive in the collective imagination of the Neapolitans. The tunnels below Naples have been used, over the centuries, in different ways. Born after the extraction of tuff for the construction of the city, they were then used as an aqueduct and as a refuge during the Second World War.

The subsoil of Naples fascinates and impresses for the grandeur of the cavities, and therefore of the spaces, and for the maze of tunnels that intersect for several kilometers under the streets and buildings.

Descend with us into the heart of the city to discover its history and mysteries through the most fascinating underground tour of the city. The guided tour is suitable for everyone and is particularly popular with children. It is a real journey in time of 2400 years that begins from one of the alleys of the Spanish districts, near Piazza del Plebiscito, and ends in Via Chiaia a few steps from the meeting point of Piazza Trieste and Trento.

The entrance to the underground Naples is in the Spanish districts, precisely in Vico S. Anna of Palazzo 52, near Via Toledo and the central Piazza del Plebiscito and Piazza Trieste and Trento where the meeting point is located (outside the Cafe Gambrinus) from where the visit to the Napoli Sotterranea starts.


From Monday to Friday

From 9:30 to 16:30

Saturday and Sunday

From 9:30 to 18:00



Full price

€ 10,00

How to get there


Vico S. Anna di Palazzo, 52, 80132 Napoli NA

Public transport

From Piazza Garibaldi take metro Line 1 and get off at Toledo. Then 10 minutes walk.

From Naples Airport take Alibus and get off at Piazza Garibaldi. Take metro Line 1 and get off at Toledo stop. Then 10 minutes walk.

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