Quartieri Spagnoli


The districts were built around the sixteenth century in order to accommodate the Spanish military garrisons intended to suppress any revolts of the Neapolitan population. From the time of their birth, the “Quartieri Spagnoli” presented phenomena of crime and especially prostitution, linked to the continuous search for “fun” by the Spanish soldiers.

More recently the area has begun to know a modest rehabilitation. Thanks to the particular urban layout, the new shops and restaurants, the small fish and fruit markets that are located inside, the opening of the new metro station and, in general, the folklore that the area preserves, The “Quartieri Spagnoli” are not infrequently sought after by the photos of curious and tourists from all over the world.

The “Quartieri Spagnoli” represent a nucleus of historical and artistic importance of the city of Naples, which also offers different ideas of popular culture and Neapolitan lifestyle, such as, for example, the presence of small craft shops, or “Neapolitan basses”, or, again, small and dark alleys characterized by high staircases and clothes laid to dry between the buildings.


Do not stop at the clothes laid, go further: the "Quartieri Spagnoli" are an independent microcosm to discover

How to get there


Quartieri Spagnoli

Public transport

From Piazza Garibaldi take metro Line 1 and get off at Toledo. Then 2 minutes walk.

From Naples Airport take Alibus and get off at Piazza Garibaldi. Take metro Line 1 and get off at Toledo stop. Then 2 minutes walk.

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