Via Scarlatti


Via Alessandro Scarlatti was traced in 1887, along with the adjacent Piazza Vanvitelli as the nucleus of the new Vomero district. The street, whose buildings were built in Umbertino style going down to the west in a slight slope, represented the main axis of the neighborhood.

In the nineties, then, the lower part of the street was pedestrian, becoming very popular thanks to the proximity of the station Vanvitelli line 1. The pedestrian area was also extended to the crossbars, and, in 2008, to the surrounding streets such as Via Luca Giordano. Since 17 October 2002 the upper part of the road has been equipped with a system of escalators, which facilitates access to the area of San Martino. Via Scarlatti is now one of the most elegant and well-frequented streets in Naples. Many people of the Neapolitan upper middle class come every day to shop on this street where the most important chains of shops are located.

How to get there


Via Alessandro Scarlatti, Vomero

Public transport

From Piazza Garibaldi take metro Line 1 and get off at Vanvitelli, then 1 minute walk.

From Naples Airport take Alibus and get off at Piazza Garibaldi, then take metro Line 1 and get off at Vanvitelli, then 1 minute walk.

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