What does the project consist of?

My Trip To Naples is a local destination portal that aims to help you organize and plan your trip to Naples.

How do I book a facility or business?

In each dedicated section you can access the single page of the structure and, through the button "book" you will access directly to the activity site. You can then book directly on their website at no additional cost.

Is it possible to enter into agreements with facilities or activities?

Absolutely yes! By turning on the dedicated tab and clicking on "discover your offer" you can see the convention dedicated to you.

What is "Travel Tips"?

We thought of providing all our knowledge and experience of the area through a blog that brings together the most important tips and directions on what to do or where to go.
The "Travel Tips" can be used to be as informed as possible about your itinerary.

I have a company/business and I want to be part of the project, how can I do that?

To join the family of "My Trip To" simply fill out the form on the home page or "the project" or call us at 081 881 7799!

How do I redeem my coupons?

To redeem the coupons you must first register and login. Next, in the "what to do" section you can find the promotion activities and redeem the coupon after clicking on "find out more" - "Redeem coupon!".

After redeeming the coupon you will receive an email containing the code and all the necessary information.

How do coupons work?

The coupons have a unique code and identification, so they are not cumulative and can not be sold.
Each user has three monthly coupons available and each of them, once redeemed, has an expiration date of 1 month.

To use the coupon simply show the PDF received by email, or just the code, at the affiliate structure.

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