Toledo – Art Station


The Toledo station was designed by Spanish designer Óscar Tusquets Blanca and was inaugurated on September 17, 2012. In the outer space of the bus stop there are three hexagonal pyramids, covered with ochre and blue panels, which provide natural light at the first level of the station. At the entrance of Via Diaz is also the statue of William Kentridge, the Knight of Toledo, six meters high and inaugurated on December 15, 2012.

The lift (covered with glass panels) is located near the escalator, equipped with a corrugated roof, and is followed by a particular walk formed by large orange circles and equipped with volcanic stone seats. On the first basement are integrated in the architectural project the remains of the walls of the Aragonese age, while the mold of a plowed field of the Neolithic, found during the excavation of the station, is exhibited at the Museum Station, in “Neapolis Station”, in the corridor connecting with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. The atrium is characterized by two mosaics by William Kentridge made by the mosaicist Constantine Aureliano Buccolieri. The first, Central Railway to the city of Naples, The second mosaic, located above the escalators, is entitled Reclamation of the low districts of Naples in relation to the metropolitan railway.

As the depth increases, the path is marked by the alternation of colors that emphasize the various levels of the airport: in the atrium floor and walls are black, which recalls the asphalt of contemporary civilization, going down they become ochre (alluding to the warm colors of the earth and the Neapolitan tuff) while in the floor rails become blue as the sea and the abysses. On the platform, there is a monumental underground environment, dominated by the ovoid vent of Crater de luz, a large cone that crosses all floors of the station. Looking inside, you can recognize the sunlight and a game of LED lights, Relative light, by Robert Wilson. Robert Wilson, multifaceted artist engaged in different expressive fields, from theatrical direction to video art, has also created, in the corridor that leads to the platform, an engaging environmental installation, twenty-four meters long and called “By the sea… you and me”: two long LED light-boxes that reproduce the image of a sea just rippled by the continuous movement of


Don’t take the elevator, you’ll lose all the beauty of the station!

How to get there


Via Toledo, 128, 80135 Napoli NA

Metro "Line 1"

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